phpMyAdmin - ChangeLog

phpMyAdmin - ChangeLog

$HeadURL: $ (2010-04-13)
- patch #2969449 [core] Name for MERGE engine varies depending on the
  MySQL version, thanks to Dieter Adriaenssens
- bug #2966078 [browse] Incorrect LIMIT is saved and sticks while browsing
- bug #2967366 [Structure] Some results of Propose table structure are
  shown in hex
- bug #2967565 [insert] UNHEX not selected by default when inserting BINARY
- [navi] Changed link to git repository on main page
- bug #2972232 [menu] Import menu tab not present on main page
- patch #2976790 [menu] Go to the upper level after table DROP,
  thanks to Kaarel Nummert
- patch #2978815 [pdf] Fix generating PDF with table dimensions, thanks to BlinK_
- patch #2977725 [export] XML wrongly encoded, thanks to Victor Volkov
- patch #2979234 [import] Create tables with current charset and collation.
- patch #2979234, bug #2960105 [import] Properly import unicode text from ODS.
- bug #2973280 [export] Proper handling of temporary directory in XLS export.
- bug #2980582 [interface] Properly format server status parameter.
- bug #2973949 [session] SQL History broken (revert patch #2899969),
  thanks to Dieter Adriaenssens
- [doc] Be more specific about problems with Suhosin. (2010-03-16)
- bug #2941037 [core] Database structure not sorted by table correctly 
- bug #2948492 [interface] Slide effect masks some fields on search page
- bug #2959746 [interface] Unknown table status: TABLE_TYPE 
- bug #2953050 [export] export VIEW as SQL includes INSERT statement 
- bug #2942032 [core] Cannot detect PmaAbsoluteUri correctly on Windows 
- bug #2961609 [auth] Potential information disclosure at login page
- patch #2961540 [export] Do not export data of MERGE table,
  thanks to Dieter Adriaenssens
- bug #2961198 [parser] Querying a table named "data"
- bug #2931429 [structure] Editing long triggers
- bug #2970769 [structure] Incorrect reference to mootools-more.js (2010-03-07)
+ RFE #2308632 [edit] Use hex for (var)binary fields,
  thanks to Maarten Dieleman
+ patch #2794819 [navi] Filter for displayed table names,
  thanks to Michael Valushko
- bug #2794840 [core] Cannot redeclare pma_tableheader() 
- RFE #2726479 [core] configurable maximal length of URL
+ patch #2724755 [display] Full/partial text links (big T) are back,
  thanks to nullbarriere 
- bug [display] handle NavigationBarIconic as documented for navi buttons
+ RFE #2726479 [export] Export tables preselect
+ patch #2805828 [export] PHP array export plugin, 
  thanks to Geoffray Warnants
+ patch #2798592 [import] Progress bar, 
  thanks to Tomas Srnka
- bug [gui] Generate Password not working for 'Change Login Information', only for 'Change password'
+ [lang] Arabic update, thanks to Meno25 
+ RFE #2822190 [structure] BOOLEAN is standard SQL 
+ [lang] German update, thanks to knittl
+ [lang] German update, thanks to virsacer
+ RFE #2813867 [structure] Default sorting order in list of tables
+ [import] Added MySQL type-detection functionality to import library,
  thanks to Derek Schaefer
+ [import] Added ODS, Excel XLS, Excel XLSX, and XML import modules,
  thanks to Derek Schaefer
+ [export] Added Excel XLSX export module,
  thanks to Derek Schaefer
+ [core] Added ability for tracking changes made through phpMyAdmin
+ RFE #2839504 [engines] Support InnoDB plugin's new row formats 
+ [core] Added ability for synchronizing databases among servers.
+ [lang] bug #2843101 Dutch update, thanks to scavenger2008
+ [lang] Galician update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
+ [export] Added MediaWiki export module,
  thanks to Derek Schaefer
+ [lang] Turkish update, thanks to Burak Yavuz
+ [auth] Add custom port configuration in signon, thanks to Gary Smith
- [core] Removed context from the error handler 
- bug #2883633 [export] Export of InnoDB table is incomplete 
+ RFE #2862575 [status] Order query statistics by % desc, skip rows with 0 
+ RFE #2823686 [interface] Increase default height of query window 
+ RFE #2129902 [structure] Don't hide indexes 
+ patch #2812070 [interface] Allow selecting a range of rows by holding shift, thanks to Joolee
+ [lang] Russian update, thanks to Victor Volkov
+ [lang] Greek update, thanks to Panagiotis Papazoglou
+ [lang] Norwegian update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen 
- bug #2929958 [import] Cannot import (French interface) 
- [security] Use X-Frame-Options header to protect against ClickJacking.
+ [lang] Finnish update, thanks to Jouni Kahkonen
+ [lang] Lithuanian update, thanks to Rytis Slatkevicius 
- bug #2931939 [status] Seeing "m" as unit is confusing 
- bug #2926613 [edit] Copy database shows errors when DB has foreign key
+ [lang] Catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro (not released)
- bug #2938492 [display] information_schema sorting order 
- bug #2941101 [import] import timeout when table already created and
  several data lines
- bug #2944069 [config] Extraneus dot from dirname() when installed in root, thanks to ayanamist (2010-01-10)
- patch #2903400 [bookmarks] Status of bookmark table, 
  thanks to Virsacer 
- bug [history] QueryHistoryDB is not respected
- bug #2905629 [auth] Blowfish secret is not hashed
- bug #2910000 [gui] ShowServerInfo should hide all server info from main page
- bug #2910568 [structure] Table size for ARCHIVE tables is not displayed 
- patch #2899969 [core] Session lock blocks working from a second window,
  thanks to Greg Roach
- patch #2915168 [import] Incorrect parsing of DELIMITER keyword,
  thanks to Greg Roach
- patch #2918831 [export] Missing backquotes on reserved words, 
  thanks to Virsacer 
- [core] Fix broken cleanup of $_GET
- bug #2924357 [operations] Cannot rename a database that has foreign key
- bug #869006 [structure] Ignore number of records for MRG_MyISAM tables
- bug [browse] "Show BLOB contents" should display HTML code that is present
  in a BLOB, thanks to Vincent van der Tuin
- [privileges] Improve escaping of hostname

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